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Training | XTREME NY


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Paddling Commands

These are the commands you are likely to hear in the boat. It is ESSENTIAL to pay attention and respond to the commands given by the steerer, especially in rough water conditions.

These are "percentage" values (60%/80%/100%) indicating the amount of effort to be put into each stroke. Unless otherwise stated, all training runs should be done at a minimum of 80%. Of course percentages are relative (to each person) and we can't really measure this, but it's a matter of honor and respect to the rest of the boat to put in the appropriate amount of effort.

Attention/Paddles Up


These are the terms describing the different components of a typical dragon boat stroke:

When you are in your "set-up", the positioning of your torso, top arm, paddle and bottom arm, should form the shape of a capital letter "A". Your torso and top arm combine to form one long side of the "A". The paddle makes up the other long side. Your bottom arm represents the short cross-beam between the two long sides. (refer to the paddler in the Xtreme logo in the banner)

Blade Angle
At all times, the angle of the paddle blade should be perpendicular to the boat's direction of travel.



Dragon Boat Paddling Demonstration - Part 1

Dragon Boat Paddling Demonstration - Part 2

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